My story

Jaime Zazzara, a 20-year veteran educator found her passion as an Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach ~ Chakra Yoga & Meditation Classes~  Core Wound Healer™ and Creator of Teach Peace, Love & Happiness ™

To the core of her being, Jaime is a teacher be it children or adults. It has always been her mission to empower and instill a positive growth mindset in everyone she encounters. This has lead me to become a Life Coach specialized in Spirituality and Health & Wellness.

Jaime Zazzara's purpose has come to life from her experiences being a divorced mom of two boys starting over.  It is her mission to empower and ignite your soul on fire to live the life you desire. In sharing and being vulnerable, she is able to make an impact on others.  She loves connecting with people and being an inspiration to make positive changes to LIVE life! 

JZ Heals, LLC was created to assist people who struggle to find happiness for many reasons. It is our goal to spread love and light through empowerment, support, and encouragement. It is NOT too late to change. Choose Faith vs fear. Love vs hate. Peace vs Anger. Positive vs Negative! YES you can feel happy and content in all areas of your life.


JZ Heals Mission

JZ Heals, LLC Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals in the achievement of health, balance and harmonious living in mind, body, and spirit through the application of holistic goods and services.

JZ Heals Values & Philosophy

JZ Heals, LLC Philosophy

Jaime Zazzara supports individuals in establishing and maintaining a state of well-being through holistic practices, recognizing the relationship of the Mind/Body/Emotion and Spirit:

  • The power of the mind

  • Mind's relationship to the Body/Life

  • The relationship of the Emotions to the individual, and

  • The unity of Spirit

Attention is focused upon the importance of balance and alignment within the human energy system, the effectiveness of living life consciously and the influence of Natural Laws.

JZ Heals, LLC Values

  • To know the Power is within.

  • To love yourself first and develop positive self-worth

  • To know the Power is always in the present moment.

  • To recognize the Integrity and value within oneself.

  • To honor the uniqueness in others.

  • To seek solution & resolution.

  • To promote creativity & new discovery.

  • To live with purpose & clarity.

  • To see potential & unlimited possibility.

  • To focus in the direction of one's aspirations.

  • To uplift and support.

  • To communicate clearly and honestly.

  • To listen with an open heart.

JZ Heals Vision

JZ Heals operates as a professional practice and educational forum, and a place to find spiritual items to support and aid in personal growth. Jaime Zazzara is a Life Coach, author, motivation speaker, and healer. Services offered include Bio magnetic energy treatments, Dreamcatcher workshops, Color or Art Therapy, Teen and Young adult empowerment groups, conscious living classes for self-awareness and life improvement, Author Meet and Greet, Chakra meditation and sound healing classes, Yoga classes, spiritual coaching and support.

Jaime Zazzara, M.A. Ed, 20 year veteran designed an SEL Program. Teach Peace, Love, and Happiness ™ is a Social Emotional Learning program for students ages 10-17. Jaime Zazzara runs 8 weeks sessions for tweens in grades 6-8 and teens in grades 9-12.

Spiritual healing Products include: Books, Journals, Digital Courses, healing crystals, essential oils, CBD oil, sage, incense, tapestry decor, motivation signs, all natural soaps, affirmation card decks, crystal bracelets and mala necklaces.

JZ Heals, LLC primary goal is to educate and inspire optimal life fulfillment and fundamentally transform lives in which individuals consciously utilize and tune to their inborn abilities to heal and live in balance.

Yoga at Home

Find your inner you

Through yoga and meditation you can become one with body and mind. Apply to our online classes to help you reach your inner you!